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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Swim Lessons

Today a friend posted a photo on Facebook of her granddaughter taking her first swimming lessons. It brought back so many memories.

Living in Arizona, where many homes have pools in the back yard, water safety is a must. Even though we didn't have a pool we decided to start out daughter in swim lessons. The program was called Swimfants and became the basis for many other programs around the state and country.

This is her first swimsuit. I'm not sure how old she is here but you can see I have her propped up with a pillow so she wasn't sitting up on her own. 

We drove to the instructor's house and eventually to a big facility where there were four pools. I'll ever forget one day we were in the locker room and I had her all dressed up in pink and somebody came along and asked HIS name. That was when I first started realizing people don't really pay attention to anything.

Here's she's obviously older by a few months and already swimming on her own. 
I think this was taken at one of the little swim meets the center had.

This was her instructor and founder of the school. The show "That's Incredible" 
did a segment on the swimming infants. Here's part of the filming. 

We went on to Parks and Recreation swim lessons and meets as J. got older.
I remember visiting pools all over the Valley of the Sun. 

She still talks about how the kids used to laugh because they knew their parents were 
screaming and yelling them on but they couldn't hear a bit of it under water. 

Funny the things we remember.

What memories do you have of swim lessons or competitions?
What about other members of your family?