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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 Facebook has been full of proud family photos of graduations. Many of my friends have children and grandchildren graduating from various levels of education.

I remember my sister's graduation from Great Bend High School in 1961. She looked so regal in her white gown and I was so proud.

 Betty didn't go on to get a higher education. That was her only graduation.

 I was only 7 or 8

I did go on to college but the funny part is I had other graduations. Mom and I moved to Arizona in the spring of 1967 and I had to go back to grade school after two years in junior high. The school I went to had a regular graduation with gowns and everything. I don't have any of those photos handy. Nor do I have any of my high school graduation photos handy. 

This is from community college. That was a good two years and I graduated with honors and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Then I went on to ASU and another graduation.

Proud moments. Each one has a special memory. What are some of your graduation memories? Or perhaps a memory from somebody else's graduation. 

The community college photo was taken on the balcony of the apartment I shared with a friend from high school. We had fun times especially when the kid below us blasted his stereo and we would jump on the floor to try to get him to stop. He later told me that he could tell when we were REALLY mad because the chandelier would get to swaying. 

Okay, not exactly a graduation memory but that's the way it goes. One memory leads to another.