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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S is for Storytellers

Storytelling has been traced back to the cave dwellings our earliest ancestors left behind. Storytellers became important parts of the clan or tribe in their role of keeping legends and folklore. Children were taught about their history, heroes, traditions and information about how to find food and stay safe.

Most families have many storytellers but not as many who take on the job of listening and recording. Local historical societies and other organizations make an effort to record and save stories. During the Depression the Works Progress Administration sent people out to collect stories from the older people of the community. Many of these have been published in book form.

This is my Grandmother who passed on many of our family stories. She is surrounded 
by just a few of her grandchildren. 

Another generation has been added. Grandma, Mother, my sister and her 
daughter; the first of that generation.

Sadly I haven't identified all the people in this photo. I am sure it is my Thompson family. How I wish I knew the stories told around that table. 

As much as I tried to identify people in photographs and record the family stories there are many I missed. 

Yesterday a friend and I were browsing around the bookstore and she found a journal with prompts for mothers to answer for her children. I've been working on one for my daughter for far too long. Some of the prompts don't fit my life so I write in other stories or add a copy of a photograph from my childhood.
We all have stories to tell. Some of them can become the basis for a novel. 
Others just need to be recorded for the future. 
What are you doing to preserve those stories?