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Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Facebook

I never thought I would praise a site like Facebook. I realize it's fun and can be interesting but it is also a great time waster and can cause a lot of problems.

My family moved from Kansas (a state I had never been out of before) to Arizona when I was 13. I kept in touch with a couple of friends for awhile but then got involved with my new life in the desert.

Through Facebook I have found some of those Kansas friends and that is cool.

I've also found groups for my elementary school, the high school I would have gone to and the one I did graduate from here in Arizona. Also a site for those who grew up in both towns I've lived in.

On each of these sites people have posted photos from their childhoods which overlapped with mine. Also memories of teachers, the playground, local stores and events. It is amazing!

I've found the kids who lived next door and shared memories with them. One day I hope we will be able to share photographs as I don't have any of them.

In return I've posted some pictures I took of my home town. I went back to visit a year or so after we left and I took pictures of all my favorite places. Even those who still live there were excited to see some of them such as this one of the swimming pool.

Other people on the page talked about the high dive, taking swim classes 
and even the smell of the changing rooms. 
Another photo I shared was this one from a parade for the Kansas Centennial. 
I remember going with my sister. Mom was probably working as she was a dispatcher 
for the police and fire departments.

Next time you are on Facebook look up your schools and home towns. Actually try doing it on Google and other search engines. I found photos of my grade school being torn down and an article about my junior high when it was opened including a map of the building. 

These have filled in many gaps in my own memories and the memoir I am writing.

So many memories!