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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Blogs

There are numerous blogs and web sites out there geared to genealogists, memoir writers and writers in general.

There are genealogy blogs about certain family lines, or surname specific. Others give hints and tips for all levels of researchers. Some cover the digital world of family history research.

Here are some of my favorites:
Genea-Musings Randy Seaver of keeps up-to-date on the latest in genealogy software and websites including changes. A wealth of information.

Olive Tree Genealogy Lorine McGinnis writes about genealogy and is currently posting fantastic prompts for those interested in writing their memoirs.

The Armchair Genealogist  Ideas for using your blog to write and publish your family history and so much more.

Sources for more blogs:
Cyndi's List This is the go to site for resources and of course among those are blogs. The possibilities are endless.

GeneaBloggers over 3,000 blogs on all aspects of genealogy

How can these blogs be helpful to fiction writers? Stories. There are hundreds of stories to give you an idea of a story or plot. Endless inspiration. The research can fill in gaps in your story especially if writing historical fiction and in need details to put your readers in that time and place.

Here are photos of all eight of my great grandparents:

Nancie Jane (Reed) 1869 - 1946 
and Thomas Webster Wilburn 1868 - 1944

Salenia Alzadie (Freeman) Waggoner 1870 - 1948
and Isaac Tandy Waggoner 1864 - 1949

John Lyman Covey 1868 - 1955 
Husband of Nancy Ellen (George) Covey below

Nancy Ellen (George) Covey 1866 - 1930
and Nellie Grace (Keith) Martin 1878 - 1963

William Albert Martin 1876 - 1952 
Husband of Nellie Grace (Keith) Martin above