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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More Cemeteries and Word Prompt

Pioneer Cemetery Tour, Downtown Phoenix, March 22.

Volunteering to preserve our history.
Doug and I before the tour.  Doug getting in to character.

Mrs. Gray, mother of William T. Gray. 

Sheriff  Lindley H. Orme of Maricopa County.

Wife of Thomas Barnum who died in 1909. A cousin to the circus Barnum.

Part of the tour group I led. Mrs. William Hancock. He was a Maricopa
 County district attorney and probate judge. 

Phoenix Marshal Henry Garfias

Josie, wife of James Monihon. He was a Phoenix mayor and was instrumental in 
bringing the railroad to the area.

Sheriff Joe Phy was killed at the Tunnel Saloon in Florence in 1888.

Sheriff Noah M. Broadway who once had a ranch on Broadway Road in south Phoenix.

The entire cast of characters.
Noah Broadway (Mark Broadley), Henry Garfias (Gary Tone), Lindley Orme (Jay Johnson), Wife of James Monihon (Christina Delgrado), wife of Thomas Barnum (Megan Taylor), wife of William Hancock (Tammy Haas), Josephus Phy (Doug Ackerman) and the mother of William Gray (Judy Smith).

The avenue of hearses.

This was a fundraiser for the Arizona Historical Cemetery Association and the Phoenix Pioneer Cemeteries.

We also got to listen to another actors Ovilus Mini from www.GhostOutlet.com. It was really cool!

What volunteer jobs have you had over the years?

Word Prompt: leaves