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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Serendipity and Word Prompt

As I've said before, I don't have any memories of my dad. Neither my Mom or my sister liked to talk about him. Betty was ten years older than me so she had a lot of memories, few of them good.

I've studied photos to find hints and clues and posted some of those thoughts on this blog. Through this I was found by two cousins on my paternal side. One I was in touch with many years ago but we got lost in our own lives.

They both made some comments on past posts here and here.

There's been a basket of papers on the dryer for months and months. I'd see it and decide to come back to it later.

Sunday I "had" to go through the basket. It was stuff I'd brought back home from my sister's after she passed away. At least that is what makes sense, I really don't remember these things. I always feel like somebody is directing these meetings or findings; the serendipity of life. These pictures were mixed in with old Christmas cards and other special stuff. Some of it my own.

So I sat down and started scanning the pages "as is."

These are all of my sister growing up in the late 1940s. I have another copy of the one with Mother and the tiny baby. I always thought it was me. Now I'm not so sure.

As I studied each picture I'd run into the other room to show my husband a special treasure. 

My favorite is this one of my mom, very pregnant with ME.

 There is another, also taken in October 1953 of my sister and the dog, Do Do, as mentioned in one of the comments from my cousins mentioned earlier.

Betty younger and still looks like Do Do.
Betty always talked about Do Do and commented how much Daddy loved that dog. One of very few memories she shared.

Share some serendipitous stories about finding things or unexpected encounters.
Are there cousins you need to get in touch with?

One Word Prompt: pets