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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Post Cards and Word Prompt

This is the town where my sister was born. My parents were married. My great grandmother ran the switchboard. My great great grandfather built a house with his handmade blocks.

Although I have visited the town and toured the "Keith House" as it is still known I can't seem to pick it out in this photo, if it is even in it. 

Here are two more postcards. That big square house near the center looks like the Keith house but I'm not sure.

I love picturing my gr. gr. grandparents walking these streets. Perhaps heading for the post office.
Or my great grandmother on her way to buy meat for dinner. Or my grandfather going to work at the barber shop. My mother on her way to school and my sister visiting the town and going after Juicy Fruit gum.

I found all these post cards on e-bay a few years ago. I also have a number of post cards of the areas my ancestors lived going back across the United States and over the pond to Europe.

They are a great way to bring your ancestors to life. 

Whenever I visit places my family resided I collect postcards even if they are modern ones. I also collect pamphlets and fliers about the history and attractions of the area. 

My daughter collected postcards and now my eldest grandson has started his own collection. Those shoe boxes are filled with memories. 

Do you or somebody in  your family collect postcards? Have you tried finding postcards of ancestral locations?

Word Prompt: Collections