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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Children in the Country, Prompt

Every week I meet with my writing group. We take turns providing prompts for the rest of the group. Sometimes these are sentences that start a story, photos from magazines of places, people or things, single words and an impressive number of other ideas.

Last week I collected an envelope full of magazine photographs of children in the country. Most of them were with animals: horses, goats, dogs and chickens. We only had a few minutes to write for this prompt and it was amazing what came out. Everybody in the group was moved by children and animals.

This picture is my mother. She grew up around chickens and learned early how to turn them into dinner.
These days most people have an aversion to this thought but for generations raising and slaughtering 
animals was a part of life and children were a part of the chore. One story Grandma loved to tell me was when Mom was around five years old she asked what was for dinner and her grandma told her roast beef. Well, Mom wanted chicken so she went out and got a chicken and rung its neck. They had chicken for dinner.

When my grandson was younger he was asked how their holiday turkey was prepared. He said something about his father going out and shooting the turkey and cooking it in the microwave for 10 minutes. Most kids start their stories in the grocery store. 

Mom grew up being practical. She could stretch a piece of meat into a number of meals, make soap, sew on a button and mend socks. How many of these things can you do? 

Have you heard stories about your ancestors and preparing food? If not, have you read historical accounts or historical fiction of what life was really like in the time and place your ancestors lived? 

One word prompt: eyes