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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Remember When: First Grade

Yep, that's me. Sometimes I think my Mother hated me from the things she did to my hair. She was always cutting, curling or leaving me in rollers. I actually have pictures of me in those old brush rollers.
I'm sure these were pin curls. Wound around her finger and flattened with a bobby pin. Might not be so bad if she hadn't parted it down the middle. I distinctly remember the bowl on the head haircuts. sigh.

We all try. My own daughter has reminded me of a few of the bloopers I made over the years in dressing her. No, I won't show pictures. 

E. E. Morrison Elementary School was an older school, even then. It has since been torn down. My teacher was Miss. Groh who got married the next summer. I don't know if she continued teacher. She was blond and pretty but for some reason I didn't like her and was even a bit afraid. 

As a child I was afraid of a lot of things. People, attention, being on the playground, getting hurt, I was extremely shy and withdrawn which the other kids picked up on and this led to a great deal of bullying. 
But, I survived. The bullying, the pin curls and the playground. 

I've written a great deal in my journals about these things and it does help. Putting it "out there" does too. 

What were your fears as a child?

I'm still working on some new ideas for the memoir journaling. In the meantime, writing about your childhood fears should keep everyone busy. Try going grade by grade. They did change over the years.