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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nostalgia and Prompts

I was thirteen when we moved to Phoenix from a mid-size town in Kansas. A shy girl, I had finally made some close friends and felt like I finally belonged. I did not want to leave my home, my school or my gang of friends. As the only child at home and Mom thinking there would be more opportunity in a bigger city where other family members had settled my protests were overruled. Even the wonders of the city (which I think I secretly found exciting) were not going to change my mind.

We lived with my grandma for a bit and then moved into a one bedroom apartment next to the elementary school where I would spend the last two months of 8th grade. I hated every minute. Grandma and my aunt and uncle took us to many sights around the valley including Town and Country Shopping Center where they had this huge Phoenix.
Yes, that's me. I wish the colors were better. 

I now look back on my teen years in Phoenix with fondness. I even learned to love the desert. Now I belong to quite a few groups on Facebook. One from my high school, one for Vintage Phoenix and another for memories of growing up in Arizona. (Yes there is one for growing up in my hometown in Kansas, too.)

This phoenix bird comes up quite often as a favorite memory of Phoenix in the '60s. I'm anxious to post it there. 

What are some things you didn't appreciate while growing up but now look back on with nostalgia? 
Do you have pictures to share?

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