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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mom and I and Prompts

After finding the photo of me on my Dad's shoulder I thought this photo with my Mom would be fun. This time I think I'm around a year old. Everybody always said how pretty Mom was.

She also had a pretty voice, I can almost hear her singing Jesus Loves Me into my ear. That was much later. She comforted with Vicks vaporub and that smell still makes me feel warm and loved. Her homemade potato soup was a must when i had a sore throat and tummy ache

Soon after we were married my husband I both got the flu. Bad flu. We were living in an old house in south Phoenix that only had a wall heater and little, if any, insulation. Mom asked what she could do and I put in my request for potato soup.

Sure enough Mom showed up with a tea jar full of her soup. By the time I answered the door she was standing on at the foot of the porch steps. She wasn't taking any chances on getting that bug. Even after about 35 years that is a special memory and we wish for another jar of Mom's soup. I never did learn how to make it her way and don't even want to try. Sometimes memories are better than replacements.

What memories do you have of special things your mother (or somebody else) did when  you were little?

One word prompt: Fads