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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Remember When: Snow Days

I spent the first thirteen years of my life in southwestern Kansas. 
I had to walk miles and miles . . . er . . . 
four or five blocks to school. 
This is my sister. She left Kansas to go to Colorado. 
She always wanted me to move up there and she'd tell me it wasn't that bad. 
Then she'd tell me about having to go out and break up the ice in the stock tanks and being 
snowed in and wearing thermal underwear on a daily basis.

My great grandmother (far left) lived her early years in Illinois and made the trip to 
southwestern Kansas when a young girl. 
This photo includes five of her six grandchildren. My mother is on the far right.

And here are two of my uncles. I think it says "Winter of 1940."

Here's winter where I live now. 

Which would you choose?

Memoir Prompts:

Write about walking/riding to school. Did you pass any interesting places?

Write about building snowmen or snow forts.

Did you lick ice sickles or eat snow? 

Do you prefer gloves or mittens?

Do you remember driving around town to see the Christmas lights?

Have you ever gone skiing? Where? When?

What is your favorite holiday television show?

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