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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Remember When: Magic

Last week I met my "Artday" buddy, Barbara, at Paradise Valley Mall to share lunch, conversation and art. We are both working on tangles.

I'd forgotten there was a carousel there. As I waited for her to arrive I watched the children and parents enjoying the color, music and magic that only carousels provide. I tried to decide which animal I would most like to ride on; a prancing black horse, the turtle, the seahorse, the pig, the giraffe. I couldn't decide. I did notice there was only one unicorn on that carousel and every little girl that had the chance chose that magical unicorn.

This carousel is on the wharf near Pike Place Market in Seattle. I can remember one in San Diego and of course the one at Disneyland. They always make me smile.

Which animal would you choose to ride?

Memoir Prompts:

Write about all the carousels you remember.

Write about a special carousel memory with a parent or grandparent.

If you've been to one of the Disney parks; what is your favorite ride? Has it changed over the years?

If you came across a carousel tomorrow would you ride it?  Explain.

Are you afraid of heights? Speed? What rides, if any, scare you.

Write about the last book you read.

Do you prefer bright colors, pastels or warm colors?