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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Remember When: Christmas Memories, 2013

Over the years as the kids have gone to other states and finances have become smaller we've pretty much ignored Christmas. We buy for the kids and then send off the packages and then we share a quiet meal at home after phone calls. We don't exchange gifts because seriously there isn't anything we really need. 

We do get a present for Maggie. She gets so excited. This year it was a stuffed sheep and a bone in a bag. She was so happy she ran around the house with the whole bag in her mouth. 

She eventually got it open and is now inseparable from her sheep. 
(Note her Christmas bandanna. She has one for all occasions and loves them.)

Doug did a standing rib roast on the grill. It was fantastic. He likes me to take photos of his masterpieces. 
I didn't notice until I downloaded this one that his Goofy coffee cup was in the background.

I've been trying to find time to put together a Remains of the Day journal for 2014 and 
since Doug was watching a movie I sewed. 

I love making these and using them. I made them for the kids, too.

The inside front cover with a little calender I found on line. I couldn't figure out how to 
attach it so it just fits in a pocket. 

A couple of the scrappy inside pages.
Yes. A nice day. No stress and good food. Who could ask for more?

Memoir Prompts:

Write about  your special memories of this holiday season.

Do you have special homemade ornaments? 

Do  you prefer an e-reader or a real book? 

Write about a special pet memory.

Which would you choose? Gingerbread Latte, Peppermint Mocha or Caramel Brulee Latte?

Do you enjoy crossword puzzles?

Write about trees.

I'm not planning on continuing this series in the New Year. I have other ideas.
Stay tuned. 


  1. My mother and I have really enjoyed your blog and the memoir prompts. It's amazing what you can dig out of your old brain with just a few simple questions. Thank You so much for doing them. I am looking forward to what you have in mind for this new year.

    1. I'm glad to hear that Terri. I wasn't sure anybody was still around. Mostly I think I will just make things simpler and connect to my new writing blog.
      Have a great and memorable 2014.

  2. Your journal is lovely!

    After my mom died, my dad gave me many of the family Christmas ornaments. Some go back to when we were little. One of my sisters came over and spied an old one of hers and was so happy to see it. Funny how those little felt santas can hold so many memories.

    1. So true, Corinne. A reminder of how important the simple things are.


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