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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Remember When: Military service

My dad was in the service for a very short time. I'm not even sure he made it through boot camp. He was discharged due to health problems. I haven't dug out his discharge papers for a very long time so I don't remember the exact reason but it was something like back pain or foot problems

He's on the left holding my sister. Next to him is a friend of his. I don't know his name.

My daughter was also in the service. She almost made it through boot camp when she got very sick; they said she had asthma which she didn't. There's no arguing with the Air Force. My Father-in-Law, Frank, is retired Air Force and did talk to her CO who said she had done great.

She spent many years working towards the goal of following him into the Air Force. It didn't work out.  She isn't a veteran or a hero. She didn't see battle or even get out of the country. But she worked hard and she had goals and was devastated when they didn't work out.

We have ancestors who fought in all the major wars and many minor ones. The Revolution, the Civil War, the Mexican War. Other relatives were in the World Wars. My husband was in Vietnam. A very unpopular "war."

Since I am writing this on Veteran's Day I want to honor all those men and women who fought for us.

I honor them all. Those who fought, those who died, those who tried.

Thank you.
Memoir Prompts:
Do you have any family stories related to the military?
Write a review of how you spent the last weekend.
Do you prefer Lincoln Logs, Legos or Tinker Toys?
Write a little story about each of your siblings.
What television character do you most identify with?
Have you ever been to any of the Disney parks? What was your favorite ride?
Have you ever bought a book just from its cover? What was it? Did you like it?