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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Remember When: Grandma

My great grandparents lived in southwestern Kansas which at that time was mostly farms, ranches and small towns. Great grandma Nellie's parents arrived in the area in the early 1880s and quite a few family members followed. Her husband was new to the area and his father lived there for a short time.

Nellie and Bert were living closer to Meade but for Thanksgiving went to visit friends or family in Englewood in the next county over. I'm not sure of the distance but it would have travelled by wagon and may have stayed more than one day. While preparing the meal Nellie went into labor and my grandma, Jennie, was born on that day in 1902. It happened to be Nov. 26 that year. She told me many years later that every seven years her birthday fell on the holiday.

This week she would be turning 111 years old I'm often amazed at the things she saw during her life time (she passed away at 96.) She learned to crawl in an old dugout with sewn flour sacks as a rug
When she and her father went to town to get a stove for her mother they rode in a wagon. Sometimes he would pick her up at the country school on horseback.

A kind of strange thing is her brother was born the day after Christmas in 1910. (With eight years in between I wonder if there were miscarriages but I never asked.) Anyway, sadly he only lived until January 12. (I was also told he died January 6. I don't know which date is correct at this point.)

He is buried next to his mother in the Meade cemetery. Last time I was there he only had a small wooden marker. Some of the family talked about putting a stone on the grave but I don't know if it was ever down.
Recently I found an article about the loss of this baby in the local paper.

Yes this is a sad subject for the holiday but it is also a reminder of all we have
to be thankful for in this day and age especially in the medical field in saving mothers and babies.
Bert abandoned his little family a year or so later.
Another little blurb in the newspaper of July 9, 1914 reported the following:
Mrs. Nellie Martin and Miss Jennie, returned last week from their stay
with relatives near Englewood.
I wonder what stories were told of the Thanksgiving when Grandma Jennie was born.
Taking the time to find these little tidbits adds so much to the lives of our ancestors.
Memoir Prompts:
Do you know any stories of the birth of your family members?
What medical "miracles" have affected your family?
Have you ever ridden in a wagon or cross country on a horse?
What is your favorite thing about autumn?
What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Did you have kids tables when you were little? (The kids were put at a smaller table sometimes in the kitchen so the adults could all sit at the main table.)
Where were you when John F. Kennedy was killed? What do you remember about your feelings at that time?