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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Remember When: Dogs

While thumbing through an art magazine this weekend I found the following quote:

A house is not a home without a dog.

This will seem obvious to anybody who has dogs. I find it interesting how many dogs have been a part of my family history. I don't know the names of all these dogs, but I do see they were loved and they loved in return.
These young men are probably related on my Keith line. Perhaps one is my great grandmother's younger brother. Those hunting hounds look like hard workers.

This is me with my grandparent's dog; Butch. He was a favorite of the whole family.
He was a beautiful red.

I don't know who this is. Grandma once told me it was my grandfather but others said that isn't true.
It's still one of my favorite photos.

My Great-Great Grandfather remarried long after first wife died. This is one of his step-daughters.
There are a lot of photos of this dog. He was certainly loved.
Here's my Great Grandfather Martin, his step-mother and step-sister and that beautiful dog again.

I believe this lady was the sister of my husbands Great Grandmother. This family lived here in Arizona but that dog reminds me of the one above which was in Oregon.

My sister and I with Smokey the dog I grew up with. Sometimes I still miss him.

Another picture of Smokey. Isn't he cute?

My sister told me the name of this dog but I don't remember it at this time
This is my dad. I think you can see where we got the love of dogs.
Dogs have always played a part in my family history.
This is my current puppy love, Maggie last Christmas.
Memoir Prompts:
Do you have photos of family dogs? Can you give them names?
Write a story about a special dog.
Have you or any of your kids eaten dog food?
What is your favorite movie about dogs? Did you watch "Lassie" or "Rin Tin Tin"?
What is your favorite scent for candles or air freshener?
What is the main thing that makes a house a home to you?
Do you write poetry? Add a poem about a favorite pet to your memoir journal.


  1. I love, love this post about all your pets and your ancestors pets!!!

  2. Hi Rita Two things: I believe that Smokey was a brother to my dog and Aunt Ann's dog. Uncle Herman and the rest of us got him from Aunt LaFern. We smuggled our dogs into Papa's house where Aunt Nell lived at the time. She was away and didn't like pets living in the house. She came home before we left and wasn't too happy, but we laughed all the way home. The two dogs that we took back home with us were too young to take from their mother, but we were all leaving. We named our red haired dog Lucky because he was lucky to live making a long trip like he did. I believe Aunt Ann named her dog Princess. I remember Uncle Herman named his Smokey because of the color and you girls received a dog that had many connections and stories to our family. He got the dog for you girls. He was always thinking of you and truly loved each of you. We heard about Smokey over time and felt like we grew up with the "triplets". I am so glad that you enjoyed him.

    The dog that you do not know the name of may have been Doe Doe. Uncle Herman brought this dog to our home, along with Betty Jane and your mother. Your folks must have had a convertible at the time, because I can remember Betty Jane scolding me for touching the ceiling of the car. She said that I would make it leak if I put my hands up there again. That was all in the same trip to our house.

    1. Linda, I never knew any of this. I just knew that Smokey was one of the last things Dad ever brought to us. Doe Doe is right. I remember now. I have a couple of photos but don't know if they are Doe Doe. I was so much younger than Betty it is like we grew up in different families. Thank you SO much for helping me with these memories. They will mean a lot to my daughter and grandkids.

  3. And your great-niece, great-nephew, and great-great-nephew (yep, had to do that). These comment about Great-Grandpa Hermon have made another mystery be solved, why Granny (Betty) was afraid of being on the road. Driving terrified her and being a passenger was worse.

  4. I recognized Smokey because he looked just like our dog, Princess. I had no idea we had triplet pups. I love the picture of your dad with you (or your sister?) and the dog.


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