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Friday, October 4, 2013

Tempe Town Lake

When I posted a photo on FB about our anniversary and walking around Tempe Town Lake 
I received many comments about not recognizing the area. Or some realized it was Tempe but 
couldn't figure out the lake part. 

For those that have been away for awhile they dammed up the Salt River and made a lake front. It is a wonderful area to walk, take photos, fish and just relax. There are water fountains for adults, children and dogs. Bikers and joggers share the paths. The parking lot was filled including a limousine and a party bus; probably on their way to the ASU game.

There's boating.  

These two views are the Mill Avenue Bridge. 

Looking towards the old Hayden Mill. Offices and condos line the waterfront.

I lost count of the number of photographers doing shoots of pregnant couples, engagement 
couples, models, and other groups I wasn't sure about. I got to wondering where they all went 
to do shoots before the lake opened. 

The Tempe Center for the Arts is at one end of the park.

Lots of feathered friends.

To learn more about the area and see the history of the development go here.