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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Remember When: Grandma Great

When my sister was a little girl she called our great grandmother, Nellie, "Grandma Great" and that name always stuck. This is her and my mother or one of my aunts.

I'm not even sure where this was. It's one of those photos I wish I'd talked to my grandmother or others about when I could.

When I look at photos like this I spend as much time looking at the background as I do the people. What was going on? What were all those things in the background? Why is that stuff piled on that table?

I love these little "slice of life" photos and perhaps one day I will sit down and use this one as a writing prompt and make up my own stories about "Grandma Great."

Memoir Prompts:

What "slice of life" would show up in photos of your present life?

Write a story, real or imagined, about one of your ancestors.

Who do you need to talk to about your family and the old photographs while you still can?

Draw a map of your childhood neighborhood.

Describe your elementary school.

What did you call your grandparents and/or great grandparents?

What nicknames did your family members have?