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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Remember When: Birth Day

This is where I was born; more-or-less. My parents owned a cafe in this location and had a small trailer next door. I was born in that trailer in the middle of the night.
The doctor that came to the house was Dr. Amzy A. Hull. I still remember my grandma, who was just 3 years older than him, telling me over and over that he always considered me his "miracle."

I was very premature and spent a couple of months in an incubator. 

After delivering me the doctor put me in bed with my ten-year-old sister to keep me warm while he cared for Mother. Sissy always told me I was the ugliest little thing she'd ever seen.

My sissy and I. I'm guessing I was 2 or 3. 

This post has taken me hours to "write" because I decided I needed to know exactly who the doctor was and where the hospital was. I think the hospital was what later became the Bethel Home. I'm not sure of that.

I did learn that Doctor Hull died in September 1986 after retiring to another Kansas town. It's funny to think that he might have been able to meet my daughter when we traveled back there in 1981. 

I've often thought of trying to get the old town paper on microfilm to read about the family. I printed out the reference and plan on ordering it soon. I know the cafe burned down when I was still little and they only saved our trailer because somebody hooked it up to their truck and pulled it off the lot. Sissy always wondered about the specifics. I'm to late to tell her but I'm going to find out.

What stories can you research and fill in for your family?

Memoir Prompts:

Do you know anything about the person who delivered you? 
Was it a doctor, family member, nurse, midwife?

Where did you fall in the birth order of siblings?

Did you attend kindergarten? Do you have any memories?

What is your favorite month of the year?

What is something you have always wanted to do but never got around to?

How far back can you go on your family tree?

Did you ever have a tree house?