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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Birthday highlights

I've had a week of birthday fun. And it is continuing. 
Tuesday after writer's group Cindi and Susanne took me to dinner. I didn't get pictures of that but Cindi gave me this wonderful twirler for the patio. (Thank you, friends.)

Friday a package came with these instructions. I was heading out the door so I didn't 
get to "savor and enjoy" until later.

Chocolate and nut covered strawberries. Jessica called as I was opening them. She asked how big they are so I put a penny in the photo. They are very big and very yummy.
Thank you, Lydia.

(There's nothing like chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast.)

Saturday my mother's night blooming cirrus started growing blooms. It has never bloomed in the fall before. Actually it has been blooming all summer which is very unusual.

What a better way to spend the day then with a group of writers. 

Cindi, again. This time introducing our speaker at the Phoenix Writers Club luncheon. 

Laurie Schnebly was our 
speaker and she was quite entertaining. 

Eileen wore her Halloween costume but I think maybe she was just adding sparkle to my birthday. lol

After the Phoenix Writers Club I stopped by to see another friend promote her SEVEN books.
It was very nice and I came home with one about Ireland. 
Very nice, Michele. Thank you.
(You can find Michele Venne's books on Amazon.)

And last, but certainly not least, today my hubby is making his Best in the West baby back ribs with little red potatoes and asparagus. He also baked lemon poppy seed muffins.

When we get a chance we are going shopping for a new lens for my Canon camera. 
WooHoo. Being 60 is great!