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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Remember When: Twister

We've been going through closets and storage area. I thought this was long gone. 
How many of you played this fun game for all ages?

The box is in bad shape but the game itself is in remarkable condition.

This is a photo taken at my Uncle Fred's. That's him in the background with me with my left hand on red.
The other girls are my cousins. At this time they lived in Dodge City. They've lived all over the country.

It's so fun to bring all these things together.

I keep trying to get a good photo of Maggie. She is very camera shy and as soon as I point one at her she looks like she's been yelled at or something.

Isn't she beautiful anyway?

Memoir Prompts:

Did you own a Twister game? 

What other fads do you remember or still have remnants of?

Write about your current pet(s).

Write about a family get-together when you were young.

Do you own a box of crayons? Use them in your journal.

What was your favorite comedy television show?

What dances did you do as a teen?