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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remember When: Estate Sales

A few weeks ago my hubby and I spent the morning visiting yard sales, estate sales and a thrift store.

I love to look at vintage or not so vintage stuff and often find wonderful little things that speak to me.

Estate sales have the added fascination of being such a big slice of some one's life. The house we visited last week belonged to an older lady. She had a beautiful cherry wood dining room set. Then covered with the china she surely cherished her entire life. It was obvious she loved to entertain.

There was a huge game table that obviously got a lot of use perhaps when her husband was around and the children were at home or visiting. One son was running the sale and he was middle aged, tall, slender and good-looking. He was also very friendly which I imagine is a trait picked up from his mother.

The best thing was his mother LOVED owls. There were paintings and images scattered throughout the house. I kept coming back to this guy who still had the tag on. He was to cover golf clubs and is lined on the inside with sheepskin.

Obviously he came home with us. Well, actually, he now roosts in the back seat of my car and every time I look at him I smile.
A couple of weeks ago I took him in to my writing group as a prompt. I told the group, briefly, about where I got him and told them they could write about the lady, the owl, or anything in between. A few asked his name. He didn't have one yet. 
The stories were wonderful and, as always, widely varied. 
The owl now has a name, Oliver.

Even though I never met this lady I wonder if she sees the fun her owl is spreading through the community. 

Memoir Prompts:

Have you ever found a "treasure" at a yard sale?

What part of you do you hope will be continued after you are gone?

Did you play cards as a child? What games did you like?

Have you ever seen an owl up close? Have you ever petted one?

When you doodle what shapes seem to be the most common?

What traits did you learn from your mother?

What traits did you learn from your father?