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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Remember When: Dolls

I have three dolls from my childhood. 
If I named them I don't remember what names they had.

This is one that walked and I think her head turned from side to side.

I've had to repair her arms a couple of times. 
They fell off again when I went to take this photo. 
I guess surgery is in the near future. 

This was a bride doll who's dress, veil and shoes obviously fell apart long ago.
One of my aunts made her this little ballerina or skating costume. 
I think she needs a little cleaning up and work too. 

And finally my baby doll. 
I don't even remember what clothes she had. 
She now wears a vintage clothing.

I remember when we made the long drive to my grandparent's house I would be in the back seat taking very good care of my baby. I had diapers, bottles, blankets and all the things necessary for proper infant care. 
I don't remember ever being around babies, at least not until long after, so I'm not sure how accurate my play was. 

I guess I picked it up because I did okay when my daughter came along. 
That is except for the time she fell off the counter. 
Luckily it wasn't serious. 

Memoir Prompts:

Did you have dolls (or other toys) that you used to pretend to be grown-up?

Did you have mishaps with your own babies?

What kinds of things did you do in the car for entertainment?

Do you still own some of your childhood toys?

Where did you last go out to eat? What did you have?

Do you like sending and receiving greeting cards?

Do you save greeting cards?