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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Remember When: Progress

Well, I'm sorry to say I won't have any photos today. I can't seem to get them to upload. I started trying yesterday on two different computers so I don't know what's up.

I've heard that possibly my Internet Explorer is arguing over scripts or something is out of date or some other weird thing. I tried running some diagnostics and updates last night and ended up loosing just about all my settings and I had not Internet, no audio, nothing beyond very basic windows. SCARY. So I did a restore and undid whatever I did but I still can't get my photos into blogger.

So, of course, this has me thinking about progress. I was going to share a photo of my dad when he worked in an appliance store and there are ringer washers and stuff all around him. Mom had one of those and it wore her out to do all that. And of course I was warned over and over not to touch it because it would squish my fingers. New washers are certainly an improvement.

I'd hate to go without my microwave but if I'd never had one I wouldn't know to miss it.

I met a lady in Kingman who didn't have a cell phone, no computer, no microwave, no cable . . . but she stressed that she can still make coffee in a power outage.

How do you feel about progress? Do you think some of the things we now take for granted are time savers or time grabbers?

Memoir Prompts:

How did you mother do the laundry? What about your grandmothers?

Have you ever had to live for a couple of days or more without electricity or plumping?

Have you ever gone wilderness camping?

What are five little bits of kindness you could do this week?

How old were you when you got your first cell phone?

Have you ever ridden in a covered wagon or stagecoach?

How often do you read the newspaper? Have your habits changed over time?