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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Remember When: Favorite Time of Year

I wait all year for the end of summer and Back To School.
I love, love, love school supplies.
Usually I time my visit with my grandsons so I can buy them all their back to school stuff. This year I was early.
That didn't stop me. Just like it never stopped me when my daughter graduated from school.
I use my genealogy business, writing and art projects as excuses but It wouldn't matter.
Here's my first spree.
Twist up crayons, scissors, sketch book, composition books, pencil boxes and blank index cards all for art.
Composition books, spiral notebooks, thumb drive, pens post it notes for writing and research.

And a new fun item: washi tape by Scotch. This is a fun slightly see through tape that comes in lots of colors and designs. A lot of people use this for art journaling and other related projects. It is fun and cheery.
I also made note of a couple of conversations:
Young girl sitting on floor with pink pencil box in her lap and turquoise box next to her: "Pink is more me but I like the blue one better."
Mom with very young girl and school supply list: "Eight folders without prongs or brads. What are prongs?" She roamed around for a very long time ignoring that thing on the list and finally had everything else and had to face the issue. She still couldn't figure out what prongs were. I was going to help but people tend to get really weird about help from strangers.
Have you bought any school supplies this year?
Memoir Prompts:
Do you have back to school photos from your childhood?
What were/are your favorite supplies?
Did you ever spread paste or glue on your hand just to peel it off?
Did you or somebody in your class eat paste?
Write about candles.
Draw a house and trees like you did as a child.
Have you ever received flowers?