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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Remember When: Wanderer

I haven't shared one of my older family pictures in a long time. 

This is my second great grandfather, Francis Marion Martin and his third wife, Nancy J. Eason Martin. They lived in Portland, Oregon in their later years and he died there in 1925.

What a life he led!
Born in Ohio in 1844 he was first married to Catharine Jennie Curry in 1865. They had three children two of which were born in Wisconsin. She died in 1884 in Tennessee. What they were doing there for an obviously short time hasn't been learned.

In 1886 he married Lugenia Dean Reid in Dodge City, Kansas. I don't know what happened to her.  Fourteen years later his son, William Albert "Bert" Martin met and married my great grandmother in Kansas so he at least stayed there for awhile. The story goes he was working for her father.

Frank was all over the place. I have pictures of him in Illinois and probably Wisconsin. He seemed to settle down after he married Nancy and they stayed in Portland near his daughter, Lillian. He owned some land in Colorado which my grandmother and Lillian's son received money from up until she died. 

When we think of this time period we think about how hard things must have been. He was still able to travel and live in many different states and have little outings like the picnic in the photo above.

Sometimes I wish I could read more from these photos. What was Frank really like? What was his favorite food? Why did he move around so much? 

Do you ever really think about the daily life of your ancestors?

Memoir Prompts:

What is your favorite color? Does it change?

Write about one of your great, great grandparents. 

Have you ever used an Ouija board?

Make a list of all the pets you've had in your life.

Who, if anybody, taught you to sew on buttons or make other minor repairs?

Have you ever seen penguins? Where?

Did you pass notes in school? Were you ever caught?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remember When: Miracles

It's hard to believe that just less than four years ago this little guy came into our lives.
This photo was taken last fall when he was three. This month he turns four.
He was premature.
He's a miracle, our hope and our love.
I made this for his mother from a photo taken by my daughter and a poem written by my friend.
So much love came together to make this piece of art. Mixed emotions, mixed love together in a mixed-media piece.
Happy Birthday precious boy.
Memoir Prompts:
What miracles have you experienced?
Do you remember your first eye appointment?
Have you ever won a trophy or medal?
Do you keep greeting cards forever or pitch them after a short amount of time?
Do you speak a second language? Would you like to learn one?
Have you ever looked at the stars through a good telescope?
Do you remember having a milk man or other delivery person?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Remember When: Progress

Well, I'm sorry to say I won't have any photos today. I can't seem to get them to upload. I started trying yesterday on two different computers so I don't know what's up.

I've heard that possibly my Internet Explorer is arguing over scripts or something is out of date or some other weird thing. I tried running some diagnostics and updates last night and ended up loosing just about all my settings and I had not Internet, no audio, nothing beyond very basic windows. SCARY. So I did a restore and undid whatever I did but I still can't get my photos into blogger.

So, of course, this has me thinking about progress. I was going to share a photo of my dad when he worked in an appliance store and there are ringer washers and stuff all around him. Mom had one of those and it wore her out to do all that. And of course I was warned over and over not to touch it because it would squish my fingers. New washers are certainly an improvement.

I'd hate to go without my microwave but if I'd never had one I wouldn't know to miss it.

I met a lady in Kingman who didn't have a cell phone, no computer, no microwave, no cable . . . but she stressed that she can still make coffee in a power outage.

How do you feel about progress? Do you think some of the things we now take for granted are time savers or time grabbers?

Memoir Prompts:

How did you mother do the laundry? What about your grandmothers?

Have you ever had to live for a couple of days or more without electricity or plumping?

Have you ever gone wilderness camping?

What are five little bits of kindness you could do this week?

How old were you when you got your first cell phone?

Have you ever ridden in a covered wagon or stagecoach?

How often do you read the newspaper? Have your habits changed over time?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Remember When: Favorite Time of Year

I wait all year for the end of summer and Back To School.
I love, love, love school supplies.
Usually I time my visit with my grandsons so I can buy them all their back to school stuff. This year I was early.
That didn't stop me. Just like it never stopped me when my daughter graduated from school.
I use my genealogy business, writing and art projects as excuses but It wouldn't matter.
Here's my first spree.
Twist up crayons, scissors, sketch book, composition books, pencil boxes and blank index cards all for art.
Composition books, spiral notebooks, thumb drive, pens post it notes for writing and research.

And a new fun item: washi tape by Scotch. This is a fun slightly see through tape that comes in lots of colors and designs. A lot of people use this for art journaling and other related projects. It is fun and cheery.
I also made note of a couple of conversations:
Young girl sitting on floor with pink pencil box in her lap and turquoise box next to her: "Pink is more me but I like the blue one better."
Mom with very young girl and school supply list: "Eight folders without prongs or brads. What are prongs?" She roamed around for a very long time ignoring that thing on the list and finally had everything else and had to face the issue. She still couldn't figure out what prongs were. I was going to help but people tend to get really weird about help from strangers.
Have you bought any school supplies this year?
Memoir Prompts:
Do you have back to school photos from your childhood?
What were/are your favorite supplies?
Did you ever spread paste or glue on your hand just to peel it off?
Did you or somebody in your class eat paste?
Write about candles.
Draw a house and trees like you did as a child.
Have you ever received flowers?