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Monday, July 15, 2013

Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada

Well, I'm back on the road and couldn't believe I've hit four states today. Just corners but still I've been in them. I was still feeling pretty good at Bliss, Idaho so passed my usual spot and thought I'd stop in Twin Falls for the night.

That would put me on the road to my new adventure through Nevada instead of my usual route through Utah. However, I was through the town before I knew it and just kept going so here I am in Wells, Nevada. It is a long drive and a two-lane highway from Twin Falls but I like that better. Especially since I may hit some weather tomorrow. I had a few sprinkles today but I seem to have arrived here just in time as the wind is howling and the clouds are getting darker and darker.

I would like to explore Twin Falls a bit. I don't know anything about that town but I did make a quick stop at a scenic overlook.

It's hard to tell because I didn't get close to the edge but there is a gorge down there with houses and other buildings. It is straight up and down. Can you imagine coming upon this on horseback or with a covered wagon?
 This is a little place in the Blue Mountains in Oregon. I've always wanted to get a photo and I finally saw it in time to pull off. I didn't get a very good photo but this is another place along the trail that sets my imagination a whirling.

There's a creek on the other side. It is beautiful there.
I finally got a photo of the Snake River. The highway follows this amazing river for many miles and crosses it over and over. This is actually a comparatively narrow spot that I discovered at a rest stop in Idaho.

So that brings me to Nevada and hopefully a good night's sleep.
Until next time . . .
Some things I saw today:
Passed the 45th Parallel: the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole
Areas where the Oregon Trail and the Lewis and Clark Journey passed.
Bliss, Idaho which is near Pleasant Valley, Idaho. They had high hopes.
Lots of cool old barns and sadly vacant houses. One house still had doors and windows open to the elements. So many stories. I wanted to stop and do some spirit box work.
An old hotel that was a hot springs location probably in the 1920's. It was all boarded up but it looked so cool. I'd love to explore these places.