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Friday, July 12, 2013

Two more days

 My visit is coming to a close so I'm getting myself mentally prepared for the drive home. I'm leaving Monday and I'm trying to decide if I want to take the usual route through Oregon, Idaho, Utah and then into Arizona. Or try a different route through Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and then into Arizona.
I've never been to Nevada so it would be nice to see new territory. On the other hand I like my usual route because I know exactly where I need to get gas and the good economic hotels.

I figure I have until I hit Twin Falls, Idaho before I have to make the final decision.
In the meantime I went to the craft warehouse again and got another pile of seed bead tubes for ten cents each. I now have 30 tubes.

We took our walk today and the "bee tree" is now in bloom. I did a video of the boys that I'll post another time.

Here's the boys on a little bridge.
Alex is already up to my chin.

So today I'm charging the MP3, e-reader and other stuff.

More travels to come.