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Friday, July 5, 2013

Travel Log, Washington

Jessica and I went antiquing today. This was on the side of one of the buildings.
Seemed appropriate for the day after Independence Day.
This was the front of the building. They had lots of cool yard stuff and old building materials.
I bought a metal flying pig. I'll try to get a photo tomorrow.

Thought I'd share some of the Ranier cherries we got at the fruit stand. Yummy!
We also went to the Yakima Valley Historical Museum and library but we didn't find anything on Doug's Remley and Martin families. They must have kept pretty quiet when they lived here.
We then went to another antique store and I got some silver spoons to decorate. I actually found a postcard of Tombstone that I didn't already have.
I talked to Doug and Maggie is pacing. She did okay with the Fourth. He's working hard.
'Till next time . . .