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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Remember When: Toys

On our walk this morning we saw this robin tugging and tugging at a worm. We worried him and I think he lost his catch of the day.
When I was young my favorite toy was my "ranch set." I had piles of plastic horses, cattle, cowboys, wagons, Indians, and all kinds of accessories.
I also had a white Tonka truck that make the plastic people look like Lilliputians but I didn't care. It hauled cowboys and cattle from one end of the kitchen to the others.
Today I gave Brendan a set of cowboys and Indians I found in Scottsdale a few months ago. First I played with him a bit when he set it on a card table. He eventually moved to his bedroom floor and set it up all by himself. We didn't see him for hours.

Such joy to watch him enjoying the same things I did and making up stories to go with all the arrangements. One time the Indians stole the horses and a big boulder came down and wrecked the fences so the horses were rescued.
I think tomorrow we will watch some Westerns so he will have more to "work with."
What was your favorite toy?
Have you shared it with a younger generation?
Memoir Prompts:
What kind of stories did you make up as a child? Did you ever write them down?
Who did the yard work in your family? Did you help?
Have you visited cemeteries where your ancestors are buried?
Do you know if you are related to royalty?
What is your favorite summer dinner?
Write about summer family reunions?
How did you celebrate Independence Day?