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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remember When: Journals

Historians and genealogists and many people at large love reading old diaries and journals. I was reading an article this morning about the journal of gunfighter John Ringo's mother during the family trek from Missouri to California.

Many such journey journals were kept and many books have been published about them. There are also journals written by soldiers, scientists and explorers. I'm sure you are all familiar with the Captain's Logs of Star Trek.

Here I'm sharing my journey journal from the trip to Washington. Every year I keep a Moleskine sketch journal. This year I did it a bit differently and tried to write a note whenever I stopped for a bit. I also add art, fliers, receipts and photos. This year's got really fat:
I realize some people don't like misshapen books but I love them.

Before I left I stamped a few pages. I also added some pockets in various spots. The map is a photocopy from my atlas with the route I took to Washington in purple and the route I took home in blue. I'm still trying to decide which one I like better.
This was day two of the trip. I stayed the night in Panguitch, Utah and stopped at the Young Living farm in Mona, Utah. Fun little notes and my mileage.

When Jessica and I went to Olympia we passed by Mount Rainier. It is so beautiful.
A trip to town to get haircuts for the boys and a quiet Fourth of July are both noted.
Stickers and gel pens add color and interest.
Do you keep special journals for your trips?
Memoir Prompts:
Are there any journals, diaries or letters from your ancestors?
Do you remember your first haircut? Or a child's or grandchild's?
Did you mother ever give you a home permanent?
Do you know of any legends or stories about the history of the town you grew up in?
What religions did your ancestors follow? How did it affect their lives?
Do you carry a good luck charm or talisman?
Were your parents superstitious?