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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remember When: Beads

Can you believe all these seed beads? I got them at a craft store in Washington for ten cents a tube.
I even went back twice. A friend, Barbara, wanted some so of course I had to get some more. I think I ended up with about 100 tubes: that's ten dollars.
Now the big question.
What am I going to do with them?
Doug has quit asking. lol
Barbara is trying to decide what to do with her thirty tubes.
I'm thinking about some kind of embellished crazy quilt wall hanging.
Or maybe some small beaded hearts for the Art Abandonment project.
I'm reminded of my sister who could never pass up a good deal. If she found something she loved she would get "a few" of them in case she couldn't find them again.
I now have a lot of her craft supplies; and a few unfinished projects.
I'm in the process of honing down the stash. Of passing on the things I've lost interest in. To finish projects; and yes, to do something with these beads.
Do you have unfinished projects you need to finish or pass on?
Memoir Prompts:
Write about a craft or hobby you used to be interested in?
Did you share crafts with your mother, aunt or grandparent?
What colors are you drawn to in clothing?
Do you have handmade items from other family members?
If you enjoy thrift stores or yard sales; what types of things catch your eye?
Describe a visit to a zoo.
Write about a memory involving candles.


  1. I am amazed at all these beads for only 10 cents per tube!!

    1. I know. And I went back three times because I felt kind of guilty buying so many at once. Strange, I know.

  2. I LOVE my 30 tubes! And wow, do these look great all together in a pile! But mine are still in the bag. I've gone from not knowing what to do because I needed inspiration, to searching out so many inspiring projects that I'm now on overload. So I'm still not sure, but it will involve embroidery. I've decided that much. Thanks again, Rita! I so appreciate your going back to the store for more beads! I LOVE them!

    1. You are most welcome. Mine are still in the bag too. They are a bit overwhelming. And it was fine going back. Gave me an excuse to get more. lol

    2. By the way, that bottom photo has 50 tubes. It is pretty amazing!! That was my first haul.


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