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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nevada and Arizona

Back in my home state. It has been another long day.
This was the view for most of the day with some variation.
I could go miles and miles without seeing another vehicle which was wonderful. I don't mind the "scenic route" over the Interstate. I was able to go 70 mph much of the time.
The one big problem I had was only one rest stop actually had a rest room so it was mostly waiting for one of the infrequent towns.

The one rest stop had a display about the pony express. It was cool.
The thing that stood out the most was the shoe tree in McGill, Nevada.

I made up lots of stories about this along the way. Just hope I can remember some of them so I can get them written down.
About 20 miles north of Las Vegas the wind started blowing and pretty much kept up to Kingman where I'm staying the night. I didn't make any stops in Vegas but the one impression I got was everything is so big. Big buildings, big signs and big freeways (I counted 10 lanes at one point, some were the on ramp but still.)
Since I've come so far I hope to do a little sight seeing here in Kingman tomorrow. This is the home of Andy Devine and some of Route 66 still exists. I saw some cool stuff while finding a hotel.
After I recover I will be recapping some of the trip including our experiences in the cemeteries doing videos and electronic voice phenomena taping.
Have you ever had a ghost say what you were doing was stupid?
Stay tuned . . .
Some things I saw today:
A bunny crossing the highway
Four deer crossing the highway. I had to stop for them.
Lake Mead (it is HUGE)
Lots of interesting mountains with weird formations. (Sorry no photos.)
Flags in Arizona still at half mast for the fallen firefighters. Very moving.
Route 66 signs.