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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remember When: Beads

Can you believe all these seed beads? I got them at a craft store in Washington for ten cents a tube.
I even went back twice. A friend, Barbara, wanted some so of course I had to get some more. I think I ended up with about 100 tubes: that's ten dollars.
Now the big question.
What am I going to do with them?
Doug has quit asking. lol
Barbara is trying to decide what to do with her thirty tubes.
I'm thinking about some kind of embellished crazy quilt wall hanging.
Or maybe some small beaded hearts for the Art Abandonment project.
I'm reminded of my sister who could never pass up a good deal. If she found something she loved she would get "a few" of them in case she couldn't find them again.
I now have a lot of her craft supplies; and a few unfinished projects.
I'm in the process of honing down the stash. Of passing on the things I've lost interest in. To finish projects; and yes, to do something with these beads.
Do you have unfinished projects you need to finish or pass on?
Memoir Prompts:
Write about a craft or hobby you used to be interested in?
Did you share crafts with your mother, aunt or grandparent?
What colors are you drawn to in clothing?
Do you have handmade items from other family members?
If you enjoy thrift stores or yard sales; what types of things catch your eye?
Describe a visit to a zoo.
Write about a memory involving candles.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Remember When: Journals

Historians and genealogists and many people at large love reading old diaries and journals. I was reading an article this morning about the journal of gunfighter John Ringo's mother during the family trek from Missouri to California.

Many such journey journals were kept and many books have been published about them. There are also journals written by soldiers, scientists and explorers. I'm sure you are all familiar with the Captain's Logs of Star Trek.

Here I'm sharing my journey journal from the trip to Washington. Every year I keep a Moleskine sketch journal. This year I did it a bit differently and tried to write a note whenever I stopped for a bit. I also add art, fliers, receipts and photos. This year's got really fat:
I realize some people don't like misshapen books but I love them.

Before I left I stamped a few pages. I also added some pockets in various spots. The map is a photocopy from my atlas with the route I took to Washington in purple and the route I took home in blue. I'm still trying to decide which one I like better.
This was day two of the trip. I stayed the night in Panguitch, Utah and stopped at the Young Living farm in Mona, Utah. Fun little notes and my mileage.

When Jessica and I went to Olympia we passed by Mount Rainier. It is so beautiful.
A trip to town to get haircuts for the boys and a quiet Fourth of July are both noted.
Stickers and gel pens add color and interest.
Do you keep special journals for your trips?
Memoir Prompts:
Are there any journals, diaries or letters from your ancestors?
Do you remember your first haircut? Or a child's or grandchild's?
Did you mother ever give you a home permanent?
Do you know of any legends or stories about the history of the town you grew up in?
What religions did your ancestors follow? How did it affect their lives?
Do you carry a good luck charm or talisman?
Were your parents superstitious?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Arizona and Home Sweet Home

I made it. Actually I made it yesterday and then kind of zoned out and played with my dog.

The last leg of the trip went well. I was up early and so spent a little time cruising Route 66 in Kingman. Nothing was open yet.

I want to go back and visit this old powerhouse. It is a Route 66 museum.
The clouds were dark and heavy as I headed south along the Joshua Tree Forest scenic drive.

I stopped in Wickenburg for breakfast and just after I left town Doug called to tell me to take a different route that would help me avoid driving through most of Phoenix.
I was less than a mile from that turnoff so it was kind of strange. That is the only time he has called when he knew I was on the road.
The route took me past Lake Pleasant and to the I-17 just north of the 101 which took me right to home.
Maggie was glad to see me. I was certainly glad to see her.
Totals for the trip:
Six states
3327 miles
Twenty-three days
Now I'm anxious to see my friends and my favorite coffee shop, work on my book. finish my travel journal and just enjoy being home.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nevada and Arizona

Back in my home state. It has been another long day.
This was the view for most of the day with some variation.
I could go miles and miles without seeing another vehicle which was wonderful. I don't mind the "scenic route" over the Interstate. I was able to go 70 mph much of the time.
The one big problem I had was only one rest stop actually had a rest room so it was mostly waiting for one of the infrequent towns.

The one rest stop had a display about the pony express. It was cool.
The thing that stood out the most was the shoe tree in McGill, Nevada.

I made up lots of stories about this along the way. Just hope I can remember some of them so I can get them written down.
About 20 miles north of Las Vegas the wind started blowing and pretty much kept up to Kingman where I'm staying the night. I didn't make any stops in Vegas but the one impression I got was everything is so big. Big buildings, big signs and big freeways (I counted 10 lanes at one point, some were the on ramp but still.)
Since I've come so far I hope to do a little sight seeing here in Kingman tomorrow. This is the home of Andy Devine and some of Route 66 still exists. I saw some cool stuff while finding a hotel.
After I recover I will be recapping some of the trip including our experiences in the cemeteries doing videos and electronic voice phenomena taping.
Have you ever had a ghost say what you were doing was stupid?
Stay tuned . . .
Some things I saw today:
A bunny crossing the highway
Four deer crossing the highway. I had to stop for them.
Lake Mead (it is HUGE)
Lots of interesting mountains with weird formations. (Sorry no photos.)
Flags in Arizona still at half mast for the fallen firefighters. Very moving.
Route 66 signs.

Remember When: Windows and Doors

I am always fascinated by old buildings. I picture the people who lived or worked in them. I imagine the mother looking out the windows at her children in the yard.
These windows were all piled up at an antique store in Washington. Many mixed media artists use old windows like this for displays. I'd love to have one of them.
I also imagine the men leaving for work or going out to mow the lawn. I fell in love with this beautiful doorway during one of my walks.

Such a beautiful shade of purple.
Seeing all the abandoned buildings during my trip has me thinking about the people who came before. I can picture in my head many old family photos with somebody in a doorway. Usually coming out or posing in front on the steps.
Do you have family photos with windows and doors?

Memoir Prompts:

Did your family settle near any major rivers? How about creeks or "criks" as my Grandma pronounced it.

Did you ever stand in doorways during storms because some believed it was safer?

Were you told not to go near the windows during a lightening storm?

Write a memory of looking out a window.

Are you a person who locks every window and door or do you tend to leave them open? How has that changed over the years?

What type of window coverings do you prefer? What kind were in your parent's house?

What "doorway" would you like to open?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada

Well, I'm back on the road and couldn't believe I've hit four states today. Just corners but still I've been in them. I was still feeling pretty good at Bliss, Idaho so passed my usual spot and thought I'd stop in Twin Falls for the night.

That would put me on the road to my new adventure through Nevada instead of my usual route through Utah. However, I was through the town before I knew it and just kept going so here I am in Wells, Nevada. It is a long drive and a two-lane highway from Twin Falls but I like that better. Especially since I may hit some weather tomorrow. I had a few sprinkles today but I seem to have arrived here just in time as the wind is howling and the clouds are getting darker and darker.

I would like to explore Twin Falls a bit. I don't know anything about that town but I did make a quick stop at a scenic overlook.

It's hard to tell because I didn't get close to the edge but there is a gorge down there with houses and other buildings. It is straight up and down. Can you imagine coming upon this on horseback or with a covered wagon?
 This is a little place in the Blue Mountains in Oregon. I've always wanted to get a photo and I finally saw it in time to pull off. I didn't get a very good photo but this is another place along the trail that sets my imagination a whirling.

There's a creek on the other side. It is beautiful there.
I finally got a photo of the Snake River. The highway follows this amazing river for many miles and crosses it over and over. This is actually a comparatively narrow spot that I discovered at a rest stop in Idaho.

So that brings me to Nevada and hopefully a good night's sleep.
Until next time . . .
Some things I saw today:
Passed the 45th Parallel: the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole
Areas where the Oregon Trail and the Lewis and Clark Journey passed.
Bliss, Idaho which is near Pleasant Valley, Idaho. They had high hopes.
Lots of cool old barns and sadly vacant houses. One house still had doors and windows open to the elements. So many stories. I wanted to stop and do some spirit box work.
An old hotel that was a hot springs location probably in the 1920's. It was all boarded up but it looked so cool. I'd love to explore these places.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Two more days

 My visit is coming to a close so I'm getting myself mentally prepared for the drive home. I'm leaving Monday and I'm trying to decide if I want to take the usual route through Oregon, Idaho, Utah and then into Arizona. Or try a different route through Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and then into Arizona.
I've never been to Nevada so it would be nice to see new territory. On the other hand I like my usual route because I know exactly where I need to get gas and the good economic hotels.

I figure I have until I hit Twin Falls, Idaho before I have to make the final decision.
In the meantime I went to the craft warehouse again and got another pile of seed bead tubes for ten cents each. I now have 30 tubes.

We took our walk today and the "bee tree" is now in bloom. I did a video of the boys that I'll post another time.

Here's the boys on a little bridge.
Alex is already up to my chin.

So today I'm charging the MP3, e-reader and other stuff.

More travels to come.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Remember When: Trails

I am always drawn to trails. I love to take pictures of them.
Sometimes they are short trails.

Sometimes they are the long trails our ancestors took across country
or even from country to country.

Our lives are endless trails. There are forks in the road and decisions have to be made.
They all eventually lead to this trail.
The important thing is to make the best possible decisions and
live our lives as true to ourselves as we can.
These are all photos from my trip so far.
I've been following many trails.
Memoir Prompts:
What are some of the major decisions you've had to make during your life?
Have you visited the cemeteries where your ancestors are buried?
Where are some places you have hiked or ridden various trails?
What types of sandwiches do you most enjoy?
What was your favorite sandwich as a child?
Do you enjoy window shopping? What stores attract you?
Have you ever been to a rodeo?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Travel Log, Washington

Jessica and I went antiquing today. This was on the side of one of the buildings.
Seemed appropriate for the day after Independence Day.
This was the front of the building. They had lots of cool yard stuff and old building materials.
I bought a metal flying pig. I'll try to get a photo tomorrow.

Thought I'd share some of the Ranier cherries we got at the fruit stand. Yummy!
We also went to the Yakima Valley Historical Museum and library but we didn't find anything on Doug's Remley and Martin families. They must have kept pretty quiet when they lived here.
We then went to another antique store and I got some silver spoons to decorate. I actually found a postcard of Tombstone that I didn't already have.
I talked to Doug and Maggie is pacing. She did okay with the Fourth. He's working hard.
'Till next time . . .

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Remember When: Toys

On our walk this morning we saw this robin tugging and tugging at a worm. We worried him and I think he lost his catch of the day.
When I was young my favorite toy was my "ranch set." I had piles of plastic horses, cattle, cowboys, wagons, Indians, and all kinds of accessories.
I also had a white Tonka truck that make the plastic people look like Lilliputians but I didn't care. It hauled cowboys and cattle from one end of the kitchen to the others.
Today I gave Brendan a set of cowboys and Indians I found in Scottsdale a few months ago. First I played with him a bit when he set it on a card table. He eventually moved to his bedroom floor and set it up all by himself. We didn't see him for hours.

Such joy to watch him enjoying the same things I did and making up stories to go with all the arrangements. One time the Indians stole the horses and a big boulder came down and wrecked the fences so the horses were rescued.
I think tomorrow we will watch some Westerns so he will have more to "work with."
What was your favorite toy?
Have you shared it with a younger generation?
Memoir Prompts:
What kind of stories did you make up as a child? Did you ever write them down?
Who did the yard work in your family? Did you help?
Have you visited cemeteries where your ancestors are buried?
Do you know if you are related to royalty?
What is your favorite summer dinner?
Write about summer family reunions?
How did you celebrate Independence Day?