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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Utah and Idaho

Another long day on the road. Left. Panguitch at 7:20 Arizona time, which I'm staying on because Washington is the same. Arizona doesn't go on Daylight Savings so it gets a bit confusing.
North of Panguitch I saw the moon over the distant mountains and it looked so cool I pulled over to get a photo. Included a few head of cattle. (The moon is hard to see in the picture but it is there.)
Made my way on north to Mona, Utah and the Young Living Visitor Center and farms. The lavender was just beginning to bloom so I didn't get any pictures of the fields. I did get some of the gardens which I LOVE walking around in.

They have lots of cute planters.

 Areas showing the different herbs and flowers with signs telling all about them.
It is so beautiful.

There was a bit of snow on the mountains across the highway.

 I drove and drove and drove and finally made it to Bliss, Idaho. This is the main drag.
I'm staying at my usual hotel which has been all redone and is really nice and a fantastic bargain.
This cat greeted me at my car. He was very friendly.
Poor Flat Stanley didn't get out of the book all day. I thought about him at Young Living but I was already back in the car and ready to go.
I was surprised to only find construction a little before I reached Salt Lake City so the drive was better than usual. Except for one white SUV who sped across three lanes, the V, and onto the exit ramp. He then over corrected to keep from hitting the retaining wall and he was going so fast the SUV was tipping back and forth. He didn't hit anyone. I was on the other side of the freeway and a little ways back so I wasn't affected. I think if I'd been on that exit ramp I would have had a heart attack. I can't believe people sometimes.
A little later there was an older couple in a red convertible and the man/driver had his little "mopsy" dog in his lap. The dog was leaning way out over the door which is very hard on their ears and eyes, not to mention dangerous. Besides being in the driver's lap. I got away from them real fast. Don't people think?
Well, so much for my rant. Thanks for listening.
Other things I saw today:
A deer
A funny billboard that I told myself to remember but of course I can't
Lots of orange barrels that apparently migrated from Utah to Idaho (lol)
Things I smelled:
A skunk
Numerous essential oils
It's funny, I try to remember things I see for the blog post and I know I had a pretty good list. I must be more tired than I realized because that's all I remember.
Tomorrow I will continue on across Idaho, across the corner of Oregon and into Washington with lots of hugs for my family.