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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Remember When: Travel

Today I begin my road trip to Washington along with "Flat Stanley," my journal, laptop and snacks.

I have to head through northern Arizona through miles of desert/reservation. I thank those who have worked on the technology for over a hundred years that I have a comfortable car with air conditioning.

My ancestors, just a couple of generations ago, didn't have such luxury.

This was my parents car when my sister was a little girl. Mid to late '40s.

This was my great-grandmother' car (she is in the driver's seat) when my mother was a little girl (back seat.) Mid to late 20's.
My grandmother told the story of going with her father in the wagon to buy a stove for her mother when she was a little girl. Around 1910.
The advancements our world has made never cease to amaze me.
The hardest thing about leaving home for vacation is my Maggie. She doesn't understand and starts pacing as soon as the suitcases come out.
Of course I miss Doug too but at least he understands and knows I will be home in a couple of weeks.
I'll miss my poor "Puppy Love."
Memoir Prompts:
Describe your parent's cars. What color were they? Do you have pictures?
Tell about a place in your own state where you would like to visit but have never gotten around to.
I've always been told to take a little "piece of home" with me when I travel. Do you have something that you always take on your trips?
Write about some funny things your pets do?
Have you ever been to the Ice Capades or other similar shows?
Do you believe in conspiracy theories?
What is your favorite type of candy?