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Friday, June 28, 2013

Last leg of trip and first day in Washington

You probably know I love owls. This was hanging in my last hotel room. I thought it was pretty cool.
And speaking of art, Flat Stanley and I abandoned some art at a couple of rest stops in Idaho and Oregon. I haven't heard if anybody picked them up yet. If you aren't familiar with this movement you can learn more here.
I love thinking about the Oregon Trail as I drive through this part of the country.
I crossed the Powder River, the Snake River and the Columbia River. Amazing to think about somebody doing that in a covered wagon.

This was a display at one of the rest stops.

I got up with the boys this morning and we went for our walk around town. The bee tree isn't blooming yet. (The lavender wasn't blooming at the Young Living farm either. I'm not doing this trip this early again. lol) We did find three yard sales so the boys were happy. I got some really cool plaques of Little Bo Peep and two sheep from the '50s. I'll try to get a photo later.

Alex asked today if we were going to do back-to-school shopping. Another reason to come later in the summer. I love back-to-school supplies.

We have a special surprise tomorrow. "Talk" to you all then.


  1. Congratulations on a successful conclusion of the first half of your trip. I am glad that Stanley was able to get some fresh air and see some of the country.

    I just know you are missing the lovely PHX weather.

  2. You are making such wonderful memories with those boys!

  3. I can't even imagine driving there in this day and age, let alone in a covered wagon!


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