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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Arizona and Utah

The first leg of the trip is over. The only glitch so far was a detour around Page that took
me through Tuba City. I tried to stop and have a bite to eat there but all the fast food places
had lines out to the street.

I did get this photo of an old building and another one of the old trading post built in 1870 but I need to do some photo shopping on that one and frankly tonight I am too tired.
Par for the course the detour also had construction and while stopped by a flagman I snapped this photo of the landscape. This is the Navajo/Hopi Reservation.

We bypassed Page which was fine with me because the last time I stopped there to get a drink at a fast food place I was yelled at for hitting the restroom before I ordered.
So instead I went on and stopped at the Carl Hayden Tourist Information Center just over the Glen Canyon Bridge. It was beautiful and I could see up Lake Powell and down to the bridge.

 Both of these photos were taken from the observation deck at the center.

One more stop for gas in Kanab and now here I am settled in for the night.
Poor Flat Stanley didn't get out of the book all day.
I'll try to do better tomorrow.
Here's a list of some of the things I saw today but didn't get photos:
Buzzards circling something along the highway.
Lots of pretty little lavender flowers along the highway.
The Mystic River
The edge of the Coral Dunes State Park
Some amazing rock formations
Two hitchhikers
A Moqui pueblo
Lots of black cattle in a very pastoral scene
There was very little traffic
Gas prices haven't been too bad
I lost my sunglasses in Flagstaff.
More tomorrow . . .