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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Second Day in Olympia

After a quiet restful sleep in Shelton, Washington we headed back to Olympia and had lunch at The Oyster House. I tried Oysters Rockefeller for the first time. Yummy. Then I had a basket of fried scallops. Jessica had fried clams and we shared. The one thing I dislike about Arizona. There just don't seem to be any reasonable seafood places. I love this place because it is right on the water and so nice.
We've been trying to work on the genealogy. We learned Jessica's third or fourth Aunt on Doug's side. We found the cemetery in Morton and then found Alta Martin's grave.

Alta had 13 children but some passed away as children. Her husband died in 1915 an dis buried here in Naches. We visited his grave Thursday evening. Jessica was doing some EVP and spirit box work but we haven't had time to study them.

On the drive back through South Pass Flat Stanley got out to get a look at Mount Ranier.

It is covered with snow and blends with the clouds but it is so beautiful.

So quite a weekend. Now it's time to get down to everyday living with the boys. Walks, working on art journals, shopping and relaxing in the yard.

Things I saw today:

Tieton River
We stopped at some outlet stores but didn't get anything
Cherry orchards

Talk to you soon.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sidetrip to Olympia

Right before I left for this trip Doug handed me a really cute little card with money for Jessica and I to come to Olympia for the weekend. Surprise!
We drove over South Pass and stopped at a roadside farm to get blueberries but they weren't open.

Port of Olympia Farmer's Market. I bought a bunch of homemade soap, some fresh cinnamon bread and Ranier cherries. mmmmm

A cool collaged bench.

The port next to where we had dinner at The Oyster House. Fried oysters.

The state capitol.
Thank you, Doug.
Things I saw today:
A bunch of jellyfish in the inlet in really shallow water.
Lots of fun antiques.
A car accident
Many murals


Friday, June 28, 2013

Last leg of trip and first day in Washington

You probably know I love owls. This was hanging in my last hotel room. I thought it was pretty cool.
And speaking of art, Flat Stanley and I abandoned some art at a couple of rest stops in Idaho and Oregon. I haven't heard if anybody picked them up yet. If you aren't familiar with this movement you can learn more here.
I love thinking about the Oregon Trail as I drive through this part of the country.
I crossed the Powder River, the Snake River and the Columbia River. Amazing to think about somebody doing that in a covered wagon.

This was a display at one of the rest stops.

I got up with the boys this morning and we went for our walk around town. The bee tree isn't blooming yet. (The lavender wasn't blooming at the Young Living farm either. I'm not doing this trip this early again. lol) We did find three yard sales so the boys were happy. I got some really cool plaques of Little Bo Peep and two sheep from the '50s. I'll try to get a photo later.

Alex asked today if we were going to do back-to-school shopping. Another reason to come later in the summer. I love back-to-school supplies.

We have a special surprise tomorrow. "Talk" to you all then.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Idaho to Oregon to Washington

Well, I arrived safe and sound but no time to download pictures.

Things I saw today:
A huge military convoy: Three Times (everytime I'd stop at a rest stop they'd pass and then I'd catch up again)
The Powder River which played a big part in the history of the Oregon Trail
The Columbia River.
Miles and miles of orange and white barrels
Flowers at the Young Living Farm.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Utah and Idaho

Another long day on the road. Left. Panguitch at 7:20 Arizona time, which I'm staying on because Washington is the same. Arizona doesn't go on Daylight Savings so it gets a bit confusing.
North of Panguitch I saw the moon over the distant mountains and it looked so cool I pulled over to get a photo. Included a few head of cattle. (The moon is hard to see in the picture but it is there.)
Made my way on north to Mona, Utah and the Young Living Visitor Center and farms. The lavender was just beginning to bloom so I didn't get any pictures of the fields. I did get some of the gardens which I LOVE walking around in.

They have lots of cute planters.

 Areas showing the different herbs and flowers with signs telling all about them.
It is so beautiful.

There was a bit of snow on the mountains across the highway.

 I drove and drove and drove and finally made it to Bliss, Idaho. This is the main drag.
I'm staying at my usual hotel which has been all redone and is really nice and a fantastic bargain.
This cat greeted me at my car. He was very friendly.
Poor Flat Stanley didn't get out of the book all day. I thought about him at Young Living but I was already back in the car and ready to go.
I was surprised to only find construction a little before I reached Salt Lake City so the drive was better than usual. Except for one white SUV who sped across three lanes, the V, and onto the exit ramp. He then over corrected to keep from hitting the retaining wall and he was going so fast the SUV was tipping back and forth. He didn't hit anyone. I was on the other side of the freeway and a little ways back so I wasn't affected. I think if I'd been on that exit ramp I would have had a heart attack. I can't believe people sometimes.
A little later there was an older couple in a red convertible and the man/driver had his little "mopsy" dog in his lap. The dog was leaning way out over the door which is very hard on their ears and eyes, not to mention dangerous. Besides being in the driver's lap. I got away from them real fast. Don't people think?
Well, so much for my rant. Thanks for listening.
Other things I saw today:
A deer
A funny billboard that I told myself to remember but of course I can't
Lots of orange barrels that apparently migrated from Utah to Idaho (lol)
Things I smelled:
A skunk
Numerous essential oils
It's funny, I try to remember things I see for the blog post and I know I had a pretty good list. I must be more tired than I realized because that's all I remember.
Tomorrow I will continue on across Idaho, across the corner of Oregon and into Washington with lots of hugs for my family.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Arizona and Utah

The first leg of the trip is over. The only glitch so far was a detour around Page that took
me through Tuba City. I tried to stop and have a bite to eat there but all the fast food places
had lines out to the street.

I did get this photo of an old building and another one of the old trading post built in 1870 but I need to do some photo shopping on that one and frankly tonight I am too tired.
Par for the course the detour also had construction and while stopped by a flagman I snapped this photo of the landscape. This is the Navajo/Hopi Reservation.

We bypassed Page which was fine with me because the last time I stopped there to get a drink at a fast food place I was yelled at for hitting the restroom before I ordered.
So instead I went on and stopped at the Carl Hayden Tourist Information Center just over the Glen Canyon Bridge. It was beautiful and I could see up Lake Powell and down to the bridge.

 Both of these photos were taken from the observation deck at the center.

One more stop for gas in Kanab and now here I am settled in for the night.
Poor Flat Stanley didn't get out of the book all day.
I'll try to do better tomorrow.
Here's a list of some of the things I saw today but didn't get photos:
Buzzards circling something along the highway.
Lots of pretty little lavender flowers along the highway.
The Mystic River
The edge of the Coral Dunes State Park
Some amazing rock formations
Two hitchhikers
A Moqui pueblo
Lots of black cattle in a very pastoral scene
There was very little traffic
Gas prices haven't been too bad
I lost my sunglasses in Flagstaff.
More tomorrow . . .

Remember When: Travel

Today I begin my road trip to Washington along with "Flat Stanley," my journal, laptop and snacks.

I have to head through northern Arizona through miles of desert/reservation. I thank those who have worked on the technology for over a hundred years that I have a comfortable car with air conditioning.

My ancestors, just a couple of generations ago, didn't have such luxury.

This was my parents car when my sister was a little girl. Mid to late '40s.

This was my great-grandmother' car (she is in the driver's seat) when my mother was a little girl (back seat.) Mid to late 20's.
My grandmother told the story of going with her father in the wagon to buy a stove for her mother when she was a little girl. Around 1910.
The advancements our world has made never cease to amaze me.
The hardest thing about leaving home for vacation is my Maggie. She doesn't understand and starts pacing as soon as the suitcases come out.
Of course I miss Doug too but at least he understands and knows I will be home in a couple of weeks.
I'll miss my poor "Puppy Love."
Memoir Prompts:
Describe your parent's cars. What color were they? Do you have pictures?
Tell about a place in your own state where you would like to visit but have never gotten around to.
I've always been told to take a little "piece of home" with me when I travel. Do you have something that you always take on your trips?
Write about some funny things your pets do?
Have you ever been to the Ice Capades or other similar shows?
Do you believe in conspiracy theories?
What is your favorite type of candy?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Remember When: The Bee Tree

I will soon be heading to Washington to visit my daughter and her family.
One of the things I look forward to most is morning walks with my two grandsons. The most important part of that walk is passing under "The Bee Tree."

This is actually a vine that has grown up around a utility pole. It is gorgeous. It buzzes with bees so we have to approach it cautiously.
The boys crouch down and walk very quietly and slowly until they are just past the "tree" and then fairly burst with energy on the other side. We have never been bothered by any bees; they are far to interested in all those blooms.
The boys know that when the "bee tree" blooms it is getting to be time for Grammy to visit. When I talked the Alex the other day I asked about the bee tree and he said it is blooming. He also said that that means walks and "YARD SALES!"
That's my boy.
I'll be doing posts along the way as "Flat Stanley" and I head North.
Stay Tuned.
Memoir Prompts:
Do you and your kids or grand kids have a special place or memory?
What other country would you like to visit? Why?
Who was your Fifth Grade teacher?
Do you have any special cards or letters you have saved over the years?
What author would you most like to have lunch with?
What is your favorite summer pastime?
Who was your first television personality crush?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Remember When: Sorting the Memories

It's always fun to travel to the coast. There are so many interesting things. And you never know who you might see.
A few years ago we were visiting the beach and saw the following scene.
We watched for awhile and then learned the man in the white uniform was Robert Mitchum. We talked to somebody on the crew to get him identified.

I don't remember exactly where we were and I don't know what the movie was but it was great to see such a famous actor in his element.

Another memory is visiting Seaport Village and finding a shop with nothing but clowns. We started a collection of clowns for our daughter after this but I think I was more interested in them than her. There are still a few hanging around.

(I tried to do some online research and verify the photos and the memory of the clown shop but couldn't find anything. I may have things wrong. That's part of the reason I'm writing these memories. To sort them out.)

Memoir Prompts:

What is your favorite cartoon character?

What stories have you been told about your birth?

Tell about a camping trip.

Describe a nearby park and something you like about it.

Have you ever been on a blind date?

Write about a childhood friend. What did you enjoy doing together?

Have you ever written a poem?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Remember When: Cowboys

 I have always loved cowboys. I loved to watch westerns and my heroes were men of the West. My sister was the same way and since she was ten years older her influence was very strong.

We always watched westerns; "Gunsmoke," "Rifleman," "The Legend of Wyatt Earp," "Bat Masterson," "Have Gun, Will Travel." I used to say that I didn't have a choice as my older sister controlled the television. However, if I ever minded I don't remember.

The cowboys in the photo above are cousins. I think in the Covey family. I'll have to find the original and check the back but for now I'm just enjoying the "cowboys."

I few years ago my daughter and I took a trip to the area where all my families finally came together southwestern Kansas.

This is a picture of the countryside. No, Kansas isn't that flat.
It is beautiful country.

This is my great grandmother's younger brother, Willard Keith. The family left Illinois about 1881 and he was born near Kingman, Kansas in 1885. My great grandmother was born in Illinois in 1878.
I remember her and sometimes it really hits me that those times aren't really that long ago. It's kind of scary when you think how much has changed in a relatively short amount of time.
The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral occurred in 1881. My great grandmother was three. Wow! Sometimes it is amazing to put things in a different perspective.
Memoir Prompts:
Make a list of the areas your family has lived. Have you visited any of them?
What ethnic foods are your favorites?
Do you know of any cowboys in your family?
Have you ever kept a journal or diary? Are there any left from other members of your family?
What memories do the sound of bells bring to you?
Describe your third grade teacher and classroom.
What was your high school graduation like?