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Monday, May 6, 2013

Remembering Mom

 My mother passed away 23 years ago today. I'm finding it harder and harder to remember her. My grandkids never got to meet her. I'm working to save the memories and record them.

This was Mom's cirrus plant. Every year it blooms around Mother's Day. Today the little buds are coming out. It may just bloom by Sunday. Last year I took some "babies" off this plant to my daughter in Washington.
This is my Mom when she worked for the Great Bend, Kansas police department. I always wanted to wear a uniform just like hers.

Some more memories:
One year while my husband and I were dating Mom hung mistletoe in her hallway. Doug "cornered" her and gave her a big kiss. She turned bright red and took off down the hall.
Not long after we moved to Arizona we went ruin hunting out in the desert. Mom found a pile of beans and as she kicked them around with her toe she asked if they could be eaten. My cousin said no as they weren't beans but deer droppings. Every meal we had together he brought up the "beans."
Mom had a little brown and tan dish that was always filled with salt. When she cooked she never used a shaker but took a pinch of salt from that bowl.
Grandma always told this story about Mom when she was little. One year when they went to visit her Mother, Mom asked what they were having for dinner and was told pot roast. Mom wanted chicken. So she went out to the chicken pen and killed a chicken. They had chicken with the pot roast.
Mom loved to garden and could grow anything. She wanted a Bird of Paradise but for some reason couldn't get one to grow. I don't know how many she went through but she finally succeeded and it was beautiful.
You never left Mom's house hungry or with empty hands.
She loved to watch her "soaps" and my daughter is still addicted.
Her favorite singer was Jim Reeves. She wore out many of his records. She also liked Nat King Cole and Bobby Vinton.
Her favorite color was orange and her favorite flowers were roses.
Miss you, Mom.