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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remember When: Photograph Dilemma

I've been pondering "The Photograph Dilemma."
What to do with all these family pictures that I can't identify that were my Mom's or my Grandma's or other family members'.
Friends who are special to me but mean nothing to my extended family.
But also all these animal, flower and other photographs that I love to take.
Do I leave them for my descendants?
Will they care?
Should I just scan them all?
For example. There was the trip to the Phoenix Zoo
with my grandson's last year.
The dragon.

And the big cats.
These pictures are cool and they bring back memories
but how many of them do we need?
Of course, there are always the "no question" photos like
this one of my husband and youngest grandson.

In this digital age I worry about these photos surviving. Will the computers of the future hold them? Will I loose them all somewhere along the way?
I know all the rules of backups and putting them in different locations. I still worry.
Are you dealing with "The Photograph Dilemma?"
Memoir Prompts:
Did you enjoy going through family photos as a child?
Who is the keeper of the photos in your family? Have scans or copies been shared?
Have you ever had a flat tire? Did you change it yourself?
What special memories do certain flowers bring back to you?
Did you or your kids ever eat the pet food?
What is your favorite type of bird?
Do you have photos of where you live now? Of the neighborhood that might be changing?



  1. Since we switched to digital photography all those years ago, we've not been printing out as many photos as we should. Now we're fixing that by printing out some of the best, framing them, and putting them on the wall. It costs barely $10 a pop and is great having your memories on the wall.
    As for what to do with them when you're gone, that's tricky. I bet millions of photos are thrown out each year. It's a shame. Perhaps put in your will that any unwanted photos should be given to the local historical society or charity shop. Collectors scour charity shops and some love old photos. I knew a guy who collected Super 8 family films!

    1. Interesting ideas, Sean. Just need to get it done. Thanks.

  2. I have the same situation, boxes of photos. Who will care once I am gone! Love the one of grandpa and his grandkid!

    1. It really is something to think about. At least having this blog is helping me to get some of them scanned.

  3. I have so many in digital format that I have meant to organize and print out into actual albums and I never seem to get around to it. So they are sort of suspended in digital land. I mean, I can get on the computer and click through them, but its not the same. So I guess that is my dilemma. But you raise a good point, what to do with them all? Because for all of that, I have packages of photos from before digital photography being so prevalent, and they sit in drawers. I couldn't part with them, but they are out of sight, out of mind, most of the time, unfortunately.

    1. I have a friend who took all her negatives from trips and such to Walgreens and had them put them on a CD. That is a great place to start. On the top of my TO-DO list.


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