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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remember When: Old Songs

I don't watch much television or very many movies. I'd rather be on the computer or reading a book. Doug, however, loves movies. He can sit all day and into the night watching one movie after another.

The other evening I was propped up in bed reading a book. We have a small house so Doug in his chair in the living room is about the same distance from me on the bed. Funny, I never noticed that before.

Anyway, I don't know what movie he was watching but suddenly I heard, "Trailer for sale or rent. Room to let 50 cents . . . King of the Road." How many of you remember that song? Well, it took me flying back through time to the kitchen in the house I grew up in.

Mom had a Roger Miller album that she played quite often. She was also dating a guy named Bob who went around singing that song all the time. He was tall, very slender and always dressed nice. I remember liking him.

(Main street in the town I grew up in.)
What amazes me is I remember who sang that song and could probably even tell you most of the lyrics. I haven't thought of that song in years. It came out in 1964 (the only part of this post I had to look up). I was eleven.

The point of all of this is you just never know when a memory will come flying in the window. Don't let it get away. Write it down as soon as possible. 
Memoir Prompts:
What songs bring back memories of your childhood?
Write about your parents friends.
What did your parents collect or do for hobbies?
Did you ever have a Kool-Aid or lemonade stand?
Did you ever have watermelon seed spitting contests?
What is your favorite fruit?
Have you ever travelled abroad?