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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remember When: More photos

When I began doing family history in 1976 we didn't have computers, scanners or any of the other things that researchers take for granted now.

I had a 35 mm camera and found a set of three micro lenses that I could use in different combinations to take photographs of old family photographs as part of the preservation process.

As I found long-lost and distant cousins they graciously shared their own family photos so I could copy them for my direct family's files.

Now I am having all those negatives put on to cds at Walgreens. They estimate about 300 photos per cd and so far I have two done. I know there are well over 1,000 negatives just in this collection. After they are all done I will go through and identify each of them. I'm also backing them up in both computers and to the cloud. Copies will be made for other family members.

Here's a few of the photos from one of the cds:

This photo was sent to me by a distant cousin. I don't have the identities of all the people handy but
the lady on the right is my great great grandmother, Mary McFerran Wilburn. She was married to Samuel Wilburn a Civil War Soldier.
Since she was my main interest at the time I zoomed in on just her to take another copy of the photo.

I love her expression and so wish I could have known her. She died in 1924.
This is my father's line.
This photo was in the collections of my mother's family. These are unknown children, but because of the research in the family in that area I have possible names for them.
F. M. Steele was a famous Kansas photographer and there are whole web sites with his work which specialized in photos of ranches and ranching in the late 1800s.
This process is taking a lot of time but will be worth it. One of the goals of my life is to have all the genealogy I can ready for my descendants.
Is there a custodian for your family? Do you need to take on that job?
Memoir Prompts:
What are some eccentricities of some of your older family members?

Do you like to stop at historical sites during road trips? What are some of the ones you have seen?

Make a list of the towns or states you have lived in. Some may even go as far as countries. Try to add dates.

Do you prefer boots or flip flops? What other clothes identify who you are?

Write about cafes, restaurants, roadside diners you remember from childhood.

Have you ever been to a county or state fair? What was your favorite part?

What are some things you learned in art classes in elementary school?