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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remember When: Books

How many of you are members of Goodreads?
It is a listing of books where you can mark the ones you have read, want to read or are currently reading.
You can also connect to friends and find out what they are reading.
I get to it through Facebook but there might be other ways.

(Here are some books I read last year. I recommend them all.)
This morning I spent some time updating my lists on Goodreads. I just finished A Dangerous Mourning by Anne Perry and I'm currently reading The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher which is the next selection for my book discussion group.

(This was last months book discussion book.
I can't believe I never read it. I loved it.)
Sometimes I just enjoy going through their lists of books and adding them to my lists. This morning I came across a bunch of books that brought little memories to surface. The Good Earth reminded me of high school English and my freshman teacher who is still a friend (and a connection on Goodreads). Another was The Far Pavilions which I read in my twenties and I remember our minister at the time talking about it during a sermon. I'm sorry to say I can't remember what he said but I thought it was neat that he was reading a book I enjoyed so much.
(This book has a special memory. I picked it up in the sale room at the Tempe Public Library after giving a talk there last year. It was a fantastic book and made me really think about the history we seldom learn about.)
Do you have "memory books" that spur special memories? Have you tried going through lists to see what memories surface?
Memoir Prompts:
Would you rather read or watch a movie?
Describe a favorite aunt or uncle.
What do bells remind you of?
What was your favorite past-time as a child?
How did you spend your summer vacations?
Did you ever tease or bully someone else?
If you could spend the next five days in any place or time from your past when and where would it be?