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Monday, April 22, 2013

S = Salome: A to Z Blogging Challenge

 Salome is a town in the desert of southwestern Arizona and was once the home of Dick Wick Hall, Sr.
I'd never heard of him or possibly even Salome when a friend gave me a copy of this book in the early 1990s.
Hall was a humorist who began writing in post-World War I days. With the boom of the automobile stops along the route to Los Angeles were needed and Hall found his home in what he called the "Laughing Gas Station."
His humor eventually drew the attention of the Saturday Evening Post and Salome became famous.
He began by putting humorous signs up along both sides of the highway telling people to stop at the Laughing Gas Station where they could find Free Hot Air, meet the lady dancer and the frog.
We made a quick stop a few years ago so I could get a picture of the old place. Apparently as I got out of the car to take the photos kicked my husbands wallet out which was stuck into the top of my purse at my feet. We didn't realize it until we got home and called the local sheriff who went looking. The wallet never showed up and we never had any issues. At least somebody was fairly honest in old Salome.
That Salome Frog
For the Love of Mike, Don't Laugh at me
But lend me your Ear and Some Sympathy,
For Out in the Desert here I am Stuck --
A Dog Goned Frog and all our of Luck;
I was Hatched out here by some Mistake --
Three Hundred Miles from the Nearest Lake,
And all the Water I can get to Drink
Is what Leaks out of the Kitchen Sink.
Salome is a town of Nineteen Folks
Who Live on Sunshine, Sand and Jokes,
Where it needs No Law to Keep you Dry --
For even the Clouds all Pass us By --
And All I can Do is to Think and Sit
And Wish that I could Get Used to it,
THAT'S WHY I Look so Sad and Grim --
"An Arizona Alibi: The Desert Humor of Dick Wick Hall, Sr: Arizona's First Famous Humorist" compiled by Frances D. Nutt with a foreword by Barry Goldwater.
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