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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Remember When: Westerns

I grew up watching Westerns. I thought everybody did. At least a little bit. I also grew up playing cowboys and Indians. I had my "ranch set" with all those plastic cowboys, Indians, horses, cattle, campfires, cacti, and fences.

My tin dollhouse became the main house: usually the Ponderosa. A smaller tin house became the bunkhouse. My white Tonka truck hauled cattle and wagons and horse riders roamed the kitchen from one end to the other.

I found this set while roaming around Old Town Scottsdale a few weeks ago and will be taking (most of) it to my grandsons this summer.
Last week I took them in to my Writers Inspiration Group as a prompt for writing western stories. I also took my pictures and things from the Festival of the West. Would you believe there were only a couple of people who knew the shows I was discussing and the history of the West?
They didn't even know about "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman" and Joe Lando. I was practically speechless. Some said they grew up in Chicago or New Jersey and they didn't watch them. How sad is that?
I know people from all over the world who know all the old westerns and ran around their yards slapping their hips to make their "horses" go faster.
All I can say is, I'm sorry you all were so deprived!
I did have fun playing with these plastic memories. The worst part was crawling around on the floor and then getting back up.
Did you grow up during the Golden Age of the Western? (1950s and 60s) or did your family stick with Perry Mason?

Memoir Prompts:

Find a quotation that is familiar and write about how and why it moves you.

Write about an April Fool's joke.

What makes you really angry?

Write about your first dance.

What are your favorite spring flowers?

Have you ever had a close encounter with a cactus?

What baby animals have your owned?