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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Remember When: Tulips

I have always loved tulips. By far my favorite flower.
A few weeks ago I was having a debate with a couple of friends after our writing group. They didn't think one could grow tulips in Phoenix.
I said, "Yes you can. I had some when Jessica was little. And that I had a picture to prove it."
Well she challenged me to show her. So I finally had the time and energy to find the photo album the photo is in.
Here, Susanne, is Jessica in March 1981 with the
I know they came up for a few years but then died away. Also, we live near a high school and the students kept walking by and picking them.
The funny thing is now Jessica lives in Washington State and grows tulips and she also lives near a high school and hers get picked too.
Small world.
Some things never change.
What is your favorite flower?
Do you have a story to go with it?
PhotoWhen Jessica saw the post she wanted to add some of the tulips from her yard right now. Washington is in bloom.

Memoir Prompts:
What was your mother or grandmother's favorite flower?
Have you ever grown flowers? Flowerbeds or pots or both?
Have you ever gone caving?
What book are you reading? What do you think about it?
Do you remember playing dress-up?
Have you ever had a recurring nightmare?
What was the name of your elementary school? Describe it in detail.