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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Remember When: Inner Critic

Artists, writers and other creative folk are all aware of their Inner Critic, monkey mind, inner editor . . . whatever.

A few years ago I had the thought of coming up with a physical critter. It took about a year to decide on how to do it. The final inspiration came from an Internet class by Tam at Willowing.

This is one of the Inner Critics who has gone to live with somebody else.

The concept is that when you are feeling blocked or getting
down on yourself for some reason just pick up this little
critter and let him know its time to ZIP IT!!

Believe it or not, that physical action can actually break the chatter
and you can get back to what you are doing with a new outlook.

The Inner Critic plays a big part in writing memoir. Not only
are you writing, a creative pursuit, but you are dealing with memories, emotions, confusion, and perhaps guilt.

One way to break through is to just keep writing, don't let those
things get in the way. Keep the pen moving or the keyboard tapping.
If you do get caught up in a negative memory or thought or even just the chatter; write that down, and then get back to the subject of the session.

Or try an Inner Critic.

I was just reminded of something my hairdresser said a few years ago when I was complaining about my hair (paraphrased for the current subject):

Embrace your inner critic.

Keep on writing those memoirs!!

Memoir Prompts:

Write about something you wish you could forget.
Did you read pop magazines as a teen?
What are some of your favorite words: just because of the way they sound?
Write about your least favorite grade school teacher.
Have you ever had a garden of your own?
What is your favorite bird? Why?
What are some things that really irritate you?